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Make the Lifestyle Changes Needed to Experience the World


What is Emotional Traveler?

You’re probably here because you’re ready to make the plunge into a career break or sabbatical. The 9to5 is often 9to8 or even later. And when you aren’t working, you’re dreading the next morning. The anxiety, the staying up with the Jones’ and delaying that “big idea” has lead you to a pit of debt and despair…

Okay, maybe a bit dramatic but I was there! After ten years in the corporate world as a Digital Media Strategist, I had enough. 6am executive calls, aggressive revenue goals, giant egos… it was time for a career break. I took a long look at my adult life and realized that the goals I created were not aligned with the things I loved. Travel, family, volunteering, spirituality. Instead, I was chasing commission checks and stock option payouts to fund an expensive Los Angeles lifestyle and a few weeks of travel a year.

I reached an infliction point and in my darkest moments I decided to take control of my life, even if failure was a possible outcome. I devised a plan to get out of debt, improve my mental health, need and want less, and build capital to make real life changes. You’ll see me continuously refer to it as my Saudade, a mantra I follow on my sabbatical. My plan to travel and experience the world through location independent work. For you it could be a career break to blaze a trail in entrepreneurship or a sabbatical to spend more time with your family. Regardless, if you follow these principles anything can be achieved.

So before you “drop everything and just go”… start here and make an informed decision if you’re ready. And if you’re not, let’s create a plan to get you the career break you deserve. No matter how daunting the road, with only a few lifestyle changes a life under your terms is achievable!

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